GUEST BLOG: Harrogate Mumbler can’t wait to get locked in a museum!

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Harrogate Mumbler is thrilled to be sponsoring the very first Harrogate Film Festival and we can’t wait for the main events in March!

Harrogate is a fabulous place to live. Over the past few years we have been lucky enough to see more large-scale events in our town which is creating an impressive calendar for both locals and tourists to enjoy. The Harrogate Film Festival is set to be a highlight within that calendar this year.

Naturally, as Harrogate’s on-line parenting community hub, Harrogate Mumbler is particularly looking forward to the family screenings of Toy Story at Ashville school and then the Night at the Museum, which is ACTUALLY IN A MUSUM! How cool is that?!

The Toy Story screening on 4th March will no doubt appeal to our youngest film-goers and the audience are encouraged to come dressed up as their favourite character and bring their toy-story toys along to take part in the event. There will also be themed crafts to help turn it from a basic screening into a really special experience.

As for Night at the Museum, showing early evening on 4th March, we’re beyond excited at the prospect of getting locked in at the Pump Room Museum and experiencing all the little extras that the Harrogate Film Festival have organised!

We love these family-friendly community events in our wonderful town and whilst Harrogate Mumbler exists on-line to help support and bring families together, we are delighted to be able to sponsor these “real-life” events that help bring people together.

Harrogate Mumbler is a hyper-local community based website aimed at local families and carers as well as visitors to Harrogate.  Designed to provide all of the information that a family could need in the local area, content on Harrogate Mumbler includes everything from lists of classes and playgroups to days out, events, reviews, second hand sales, school holiday events, jobs for mums, and much more.

With a strong social media presence, Harrogate Mumbler provides an easily accessible way to interact and communicate with local families. 

Founded by local mum of 2, Sally Haslewood in 2011, Mumbler has grown as a brand and we are delighted to have Mumbler sites in 12 other towns across the country with many more in the pipeline for 2017!