Northern Film School Student Showcase 2021

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The latest student work from The Northern Film School at Leeds Beckett University.

Jude (dir. Amos Menin)

Jude is a powerful and very personal film in which the filmmaker’s Grandfather recounts how he lost everything as a child escaping the holocaust. This award winning documentary was made during the first Covid lockdown in April 2020.

Sweet Sixteen (dir. Millie Laubscher)

Two runaway sisters attempt to celebrate a birthday in their dingy hotel room, but their fear of being discovered casts a dark shadow over the event.

Sweet 16 is a short coming-of-age drama from writer/director Millie Laubscher. This award winning film channels her own truth about the difficult yet unbreakable bond of sisterhood and the pain of realising you might have to grow up quicker than you thought.

Ballast (dir. Jesse Gilbert)

Michael lives a solitary life in the rural west of Ireland. Beset by grief he builds the means to escape the pains of his existence. The director, Jesse Gilbert, says:

“Ballast is a passion project I have been carrying with me for many years. I have been an amateur ballooning fanatic since my grandfather told me of the functioning paper hot air balloon he built in the 1970’s. There is something truly wonderful about the nature of balloon flight. It is non- dirigible and takes you only where the wind blows. This inherently flippant and uncertain nature of a balloon trajectory is what I hoped to capture in the life of Michael. The film does not follow the typical narrative structure but instead drifts through the final portion of his life.”
The award winning film was shot in West Cork, in the Valley in where Jesse was raised, and exclusively uses local, non-actors.

No Mum, it’s not a phase (dir. Kyle Brumpton)

Sides (dir. Maxwell James)

Head Shape (dir. Lily Corke Butters)

Surroundings (dir. Elysia Evans)

Hidden Beings (dir. Max Rosenberg)

These films were made from the students’ homes during the second lockdown period in Autumn 2020. They demonstrate a huge diversity of thinking and creative spirit. Students developed these short experimental films through an engaging process of personal reflection and creative development, drawing on individual and collective skills from their experience in filmmaking and their wider interests in the creative arts.


  • Northern Film School Student Showcase 2021

    The latest student work from The Northern Film School at Leeds Beckett University - this is a free event to watch!


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