Why film is so special to us - Raworths staff share their memorable film experiences

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Raworths is delighted to be supporting the Harrogate Film Festival (HFF) once again. Now in its third year, we have enjoyed watching the HFF team bring more creative events and ideas to the town and are anticipating an even more successful event in 2019. 

Film is such an important medium that you only have to ask someone about their favourite movie to understand the impact this art form has. The beauty of the Film Festival is that it allows people to enjoy some classic movies in unusual venues, such as the historic Pump Rooms or North Bar, providing an opportunity to experience film in a new environment. These film experiences have been, in part, responsible for building the popularity of the festival over the last few years.

So, to celebrate our third year of involvement and the festival’s brilliant events, we asked a few members of staff to recall their own memorable film experiences - reminding us how film touches us all…

“My most memorable film experience was watching Limitless whilst on honeymoon in the Maldives. The resort had an outdoor film night under the stars, so they tied a sheet between two palm trees and pulled up a projector. It was wonderful watching the film with such an amazingly beautiful backdrop.

Another memory, slightly closer to home; I have wonderful memories of going to see each of the Harry Potter films with my Nan as soon as they were released at the cinema. I loved Harry Potter but no one else in my family did, so my Nan agreed to take me to the first one and she was hooked. She ended up coming with me to the first six films (up to Half-Blood Prince), but unfortunately, she passed away before the final two films were released. So, I made a point of going to the last two films in her memory.”

Ryan Carter

Limitless staring Bradley Cooper

“I’m showing my age but I was only 12 in 1978 when Saturday Night Fever was screened at the Harrogate ABC (sadly, now Superdrug!).

A simple story of an insecure youngster starting life discovering girls, dancing and working (in that order) was so helpful to a 12-year-old and I was blown away by the music and pace. ‘Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk I’m a woman’s man, no time to talk.’ Who could ever forget those lyrics?!”

Nick Leach

“My most memorable film experience was my first date with my husband when we went to see JFK in 1992. We followed up with a meal at Pizza Hut - classy!”

Sarah Beecher

““I can remember going to Saturday morning cinema (cost sixpence!) for a five hour ‘film fest’ when I was young. We saw two films which were very mismatched – Dam Busters (great!) and Cliff Richard’s Summer Holiday (awful!). My pals and I then ran riot during Summer Holiday and caused chaos!””

Richard Greswold
Photo La Panthere Rose The Pink Panther 1963 1

The Pink Panther

“When I was 16yrs old I went to see The Pink Panther and this was a memorable film experience as part-way through the film a message flashed up on screen asking me to contact the cinema reception because my father had been taken very ill. Not one I’ll forget!”