GUEST BLOG: ​The Harrogate Review are delighted to be sponsoring the first ever Harrogate Film Festival

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The Harrogate Review are delighted to be sponsoring the first ever Harrogate Film Festival. As an events and culture magazine we are all about promoting cool things happening in the area and we are really excited by the programme the team has put together.

Festivals are all about interaction and collective experiences, which are not always easy to achieve with film. The team have clearly recognised this and found intuitive ways to involve people in the event. The experience screenings are a wonderful idea, while the workshop events offer a fantastic opportunity for the event to inspire and leave a legacy.

Each of the events will give people the opportunity to experience film in a different way and hopefully there is something there for everyone.

The response to the warm up events demonstrated that there is a huge appetite for a film festival in Harrogate and we have been really impressed by the film festivals vision and ambition. For an event in its first year the HFF feels very professional, organised and established. All of which suggests his plans to turn it into a nationally recognised event are not in any way mislaid.

As we seek to establish our own brand and readership, the benefits of us being involved in HFF are huge. Not only do we get the opportunity to make connections with other businesses, but we have a unique opportunity to introduce ourselves to 1000s of potential readers.

We hope our coverage will alert other events and festivals to the possibilities of working with us and help further establish our status as Harrogate’s number one cultural guide.