GUEST BLOG: "We love the interaction that this film festival offers its audiences" - Reel Film

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At Reel Film, we love different kinds of projects. From fun animation to corporate videos for business we do just about anything but it’s those shoots with a different edge that gets us going. We’ve been asked to film a gorilla, a bridge getting suspended in mid-air, a skydive and an Audi – going fast, really fast – among other things. Rather than someone sitting in a chair speaking, we love to be creative and that is why we love this festival.

Over the course of the weekend we will be filming, zombies chasing people into a pub for Shaun of the Dead, a real-life Woody and Buzz greeting children at Toy Story, virtual reality experiences for the people of Harrogate and a world-wide filmmaker’s competition. This is the kind of stuff you don’t get asked to film every day and we think Harrogate Film Festival is amazing.

From experience screenings, such as Scarface at Revolucion de Cuba and Night at the Museum – in a museum – we love the interaction that this film festival offers its audiences.

To have a worldwide filmmaker’s competition taking place in the town is amazing and putting cameras in people’s hands as part of filmmaking workshops is something we wish we had when we were younger!

At Reel Film, we will be developing a video showreel of the whole weekend to share later. We can’t wait to share this wonderful festival with others.