GUEST BLOG: "This one festival has the ability to bring together individuals from all walks of life" - Bee Social Marketing

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Bee Social Marketing lives and breathes Harrogate – without it, we may not have achieved the local, national and international level of success that we now reap! Simply managing the social media accounts for various local businesses enabled us to become one of the UK’s Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in 2015, and we have flown to unimaginable heights ever since!

Being a small social media management company, whose life started, grew and is still centred around Harrogate, becoming a main sponsor for the Harrogate Film Festival felt like second nature to us, as we wanted to give something back to the folk who have made Bee Social Marketing possible! What’s more, in an age where digital communications and technology are at the centre of our daily lives, we believe that this year’s theme of ‘The Future of Film’ is even more fitting to our business - After all, our whole concept is built around capabilities that may not have even been deemed possible 20 years ago!  

To us, the film festival is more than just a showcase of our favourite classics, it is a chance for independent film makers to start their journey into the limelight through workshops and competitions that will showcase their individual talent to the rest of the town. As a company whose life began through the vision of one man and has grown into a collaboration of different minds and creative ideas, we respect the challenges faced by individuals trying to break into a seemly impossible industry and see this as the stepping stone they need to succeed. 

No two people are the same, and no two films or events being showcased are either! This one festival has the ability to bring together individuals from all walks of life and unite them through their love of everything film, something we have witnessed firsthand while their managing the social media. Not only have we received high levels of engagement from the people of Harrogate, but also from overseas countries who show a keen interest in the Filmmakers Competitions. To us, this truly displays the power of social media and the reach we all have at our fingertips.

There truly is something for everyone!

Whether it be the screening of ‘Gravity’, one of the most technically innovative films of the last few years, the Romance Filmmakers Competition or even the Toy Story screening, there isn’t one event that doesn’t tickle our fancy! Yet the most exciting event for us has to be The Shaun of the Dead Experience, and we can’t wait to our glad rags (well just rags!) on and become part of the action at Hales Bar on the festival’s opening night!

Why don’t you join us?