Limelight HR sponsored the Harrogate Film Festival from the very beginning. I knew it was an exciting opportunity for the town, but I had no idea it would expand to the extent it has in such a short space of time.

I wanted my company, Limelight HR, to be involved from the very start because I love working with and supporting the Film and TV industry. Particularly in Yorkshire.

Also, I could see what a fantastic opportunity it was for Harrogate to showcase itself as a beautiful town and a place of creativity and ambition. It’s more important than ever that we encourage tourism to the area.

Yorkshire is a hotbed of creative talent. People no longer need to live and work in London to develop their careers within TV and Film. You can live in Yorkshire and still access innovative, creative events, industry training, and career-changing job opportunities.

Since Channel 4 moved to Leeds we’ve seen some fantastic indies follow suit. It’s an exciting time for creatives and people with a love of the creative industry to be in Yorkshire. Most recently comedy production company, Northern Imposters, headed up by Larry Budd and Paul Dunphy. Larry had this to say about setting up his company in Leeds:

“It’s a terrifically exciting time to be involved with comedy in the north. Commissioners are looking for voices that better reflect the regions on big and small screens - and opportunities in front of, and behind, the camera have probably never been more plentiful in Yorkshire. We’re just a very small part of that - but the support we’ve already had, and the collaborative culture that clearly exists particularly in the Leeds city region, is hugely encouraging.”

I have a love of all things TV and Film and, having worked for BBC Comedy and Comedy Central, my love of comedy is at the heart of that passion. That’s why Limelight HR sponsors the Comedy Award in the Short Film Competition and we’ll be at the screening of the finalists on 7th March at Everyman Harrogate.

The beauty of the Harrogate Film festival is that it offers such a diverse range of events. So in addition to the Short Film screenings, there’s experiential cinema (including a wine tasting opportunity), animation workshops, a film quiz, a night with Brian Blessed and a screening of Ken Loach’s new film ‘Sorry We Missed You’ followed by a Q&A with the man himself.

There really is something for everyone so I hope to see you there!