Festival week! How is 2018 shaping up?

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A Q/A with our festival managing director, Adam Chandler.

How is the 2018 film festival shaping up?

It’s shaping up very well! We have several different experience screenings, and the Worldwide Film-makers competition too. Tickets are selling fast for events, including Bond Night and Night at the Museum and everybody is very excited. We also have film-makers from across the Globe attending the festival. A film-maker from Canada will be hosting a talk for us at the Everyman Cinema after their screening. There have also been several UK submissions this year, and many film-makers will be attending the festival.

What event are you most looking forward to?

One of my top events is the Worldwide Film-makers competition because it gives Independent Film-makers a voice, when often, they find it difficult to be heard. Harrogate Film Festival provides a platform to show their work and the competition has gone so well that our film-makers are receiving more exposure. It’s rewarding to screen their films in such a fantastic cinema location.

Can you tell me a little more about the bus experience?

The bus experience is unique and is being held on Sunday 4 March. The Harrogate Bus Company is providing us with an award-winning bus and everybody will be picked up from Harrogate bus station. Once everybody is on the bus, it will travel to where a short local film was shot. It then parks up at the location, and the film is screened on the bus. The entire experience has five local films, across five locations, from local film-makers for you to enjoy.

Who are you hoping will attend the festival?

I believe there is something for everybody, whether single, a family, a couple, or as part of a group. You might choose to attend Night at the Museum, which is being held on 3 March at The Royal Pump Museum. Attendees will be “locked in” and should expect some strange happenings, as some of the artefacts come to life! You will also be given a tour around the museum before being seated to watch the film. Or if you are a fan of Monsters Inc., attend its screening at Ashville College. Children will be greeted by Mike and Sully on the door and can enjoy monster-themed cakes and biscuits. And everybody can look at all the arts and crafts on offer. You can also come dressed in your best Monster costume as part of this experience.

What kind of films has the Worldwide Film-makers competition generated?

There are six categories, Drama, Comedy, Horror/Thriller, Music, Crime and Documentary. The entries are all short films under 15 minutes in length and these have been submitted from 40 different countries such as Canada, the US, Australia and from Europe too. Following the screenings, The Audience Choice Award will be presented to the best film overall on Sunday 4 March. I am a real advocate of independent film, because when you are making these films you are passionate about them. You do it just for the love! Many independent films are made on a budget, or for free, but in truth independent film-makers are less concerned about that and more concerned about simply producing something they feel strongly about. This passion extends to all those involved in the production, whether you are a camera operative or an actor.

Are there any workshops this year?

We are going to be focussing once again on workshops for the 2019 Harrogate Film Festival and it is likely that some large brand names will be involved.

What plans do you have for the 2019 festival?

I am keen to keep things secret for the 2019 festival, but what I can say is that there will be more venues, more companies taking part, and it will undoubtedly be the biggest festival yet. Watch this space!